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Sunday Prayer & Scripture May 24, 2020

John 8:30 (KJV) As he spake these words, many believed on him.

Heavenly Father, 

We accept all your blessings!!! 

Thank you for carrying us into this month!!! Thank you for rescuing us from abandonment! Thank you for strengthening are limbs! Thank you for direction.  

Lord, we thank you for protection and guidance!  God we thank you for your change! God we know that your power is effective in all measurements and we thank you for your grace! 

Forgive us Jesus for every abominable, wicked, act, thought, or sin that we have produced. Wipe away all of our tears! 

We have the victory and we pray for peace, power, and praise in you. 

You have blessed us above recognition and we say thank you Lord! Thank you Lord! Thank you Lord!!! 

As we carry on into this next week please be out pillar and our shadow! We will be blessed in the City, field, and everywhere our feet shall step!

In Jesus name we pray!



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Our missions are precise.

 We love the homeless and monthly assist in healthy nutrition, snacks, water, blankets, education, ministry, prayer, and references to transforming agencies!

One of our greatest passions is victims in the burned unit. Keeping them in prayers, gifting them, and helping many regain financial stability. They lose everything including their body parts.

We are committed to narcotics and alcohol recovery with trained experienced recovering addicts and licenced Counselors! 

Our most unique project is to raise funds to help buy water filters and assists leaders in Africa! They need clean water to drink every day!

Any amount is appreciated and we will stretch every penny, budget, and meet the needs!

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