Bible Meets

Bible Meets

Bible MeetsBible MeetsBible Meets

Studying with a group brings more wisdom

The Mountain

The Mountain

The MountainThe MountainThe Mountain

God always appeared in the mountains

Chains broken "Unconfined"

Chains broken "Unconfined"

Chains broken "Unconfined"Chains broken "Unconfined"Chains broken "Unconfined"

Come as Children

Come as Children

Come as ChildrenCome as ChildrenCome as Children

Children Ministry

Sunday Prayer & Scripture March 29, 2020

Do everything in love. 1 Corinthians 16:14

Heavenly Father, 

God we thank you for all your blessings upon us! You are our strong tower! You move obstacles, destruction, pain, defeat, and give us hinds feet to climb mountains! Your strength is sufficient along with your grace! 

Power belongs to you Lord!!!

You spoke this world into existence! You made the heavens and the earth! By your stripes we are healed and delivered! 

Lord we ask for all your miracles! We ask for your divine protection, dedication, and kindness! We believe you for the blessings! 

As we go about our week we pray for Grace & Mercy!


Evangelist Tracy Parente


Take this into the week with you💋

Evangelist, Christian Life Coach, Trauma Specialist,

Mobile Ministry, Online Bible Course, Life Coaching

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Free Bible Study Course!

Please enjoy! Certificate of participation if course is 100% completed! This is one of my ways to give back to God over the next year as we travel around the 🌎

Online Courses are not easy to design!!! I have mini and master courses! 

This is a "different course" it's 100% free yet I put hrs of love, pure studying, drafting, and prayer into it!  I would say this is a Mini course with depth and sharp edges!!! A normal Master Course can take 12-16 weeks to design! 

Everything that comes from me...comes from God. I am careful with His word. 

I love him and because I love him I love you!

Please enjoy this course!  Complete the mini quiz at the end of each lesson! Take 📝 gravitate and allow God to sup with you!!! Utilize this in your spirit and everyday life! 

This isn't a preaching sermon, or a tickle your fanny notion. It's a study!! Every Wed's I will do my best to have a new lesson published. 

If im late by 24 hrs don't judge me! Pray for me, e-mail, DM and say Tracy Get your 🍫 in gear😃

I'm a full-time Motivational speaker, Trauma Specialists, Personal Development Coach, Entrepreneur, Humanitarian, and a Mother!

I'm super busy but this is my passion and delight! 

I will publish one lesson each week for this course!  Since this is the beginning let's do two lessons! There is a total of 12 lessons to each course!  This Course will end in the beginning of June! We will take a one week break and began the next 12 week course!

We will have 4 courses over this year!!! Some lessons will be 30 mins and others up to 2 hrs. 

Let's just let the Holy Spirit lead us this next year!!! The word of God and Prayer is 🔑

Thank you!

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We are affiliated with nationwide and international Orphanages. 

We specialize in loving children whom have been abused, molested, trafficked, abducted, and will never see their parents again.

Our missions are precise.

 We love the homeless and monthly assist in healthy nutrition, snacks, water, blankets, education, ministry, prayer, and references to transforming agencies!

One of our greatest passions is victims in the burned unit. Keeping them in prayers, gifting them, and helping many regain financial stability. They lose everything including their body parts.

We are committed to narcotics and alcohol recovery with trained experienced recovering addicts and licenced Counselors! 

Our most unique project is to raise funds to help buy water filters and assists leaders in Africa! They need clean water to drink every day!

Any amount is appreciated and we will stretch every penny, budget, and meet the needs!

Thank you for all your love and support!  

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Grace and Mercy

Water Baptism Acts 2:38